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President Theodore Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi. In the s they worked with Disney to create the iconic Mickey Mouse watch where his hands tell the time and by they had made 25 million of them. Passing through a number of owners over the years, the Ingersoll brand is currently owned by Zeon Watches , a British subsidiary of the Chinese company Herald Group, and distributed in more than 50 countries. It was prime for a redrawing by expert hands — paging Dr. Rob Clarke — and would have catapulted this new identity to even greater results. The few applications shown are quite nice. There is nothing revolutionary about them and, in a way, they sort of not stand out but everything is very well designed, made, and presented. These have actual art direction, which is a rare thing and the tintype images are really great because, yeah, they always come out great. The highlight of the project is the exhibit at the watch fair that takes direct cues from images of the early days of Ingersoll reinvented with a contemporary, elegant flair. That wall of boxes?

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Ingersoll watches date back to The company has changed hands several times and quality has varied over time. Are Ingersoll watches still worth buying?

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Ingersoll Watch Reviews – Are They Good Quality Watches?

In about , Robert Hawley Ingersoll and his brother Charles Henry, operating in New York as a mail-order business, recognized the need for an inexpensive watch that nearly anyone could afford, to be sold for around one dollar. Both the New Haven Clock Company and the Waterbury Clock company had already produced inexpensive “clock-watches” that could meet the need that Ingersoll anticipated, but they had achieved neither mass-market success nor widespread distribution.

The positive response prompted Ingersoll to return to Chicago for the World’s Fair in , where a new clock-watch with the World’s Fair emblem stamped into the case was a huge success. Manufacturing was carried out by contract with the Waterbury Clock Company and at two new factories owned by Ingersoll at Waterbury and Trenton, New Jersey. The Ingersoll company is credited with perfecting an efficient system of distribution which included uniform pricing at all retail outlets.

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Ingersoll watches is one of the oldest US watchmakers having started in The company began making handmade timepieces but, thanks to inspiration from Henry Ford, moved to a production line. Ingersoll has a number of firsts under its belt, not least paving the way to the first luminous pocketwatches that were used in WWI. Now the company produces fashionable designs at accessible prices. This is a practical timepiece, the lovechild of an aviation and a field watch.

The dial has incredible readability and the face has pretty big Arabic numerals on the dial. The hands are large and off-white in colour. The design is timeless. The band is hooked on by stainless steel lugs that are a little over-sized and purposely protrude. Again, another timeless look. The case on this watch is really big at 46mm by 13mm.

Mens Ingersoll The Apsley Chronograph Watch I03801

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Ingersoll Triumph pocket watch. Production date: began as an extension of the American firm Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro., which in had contracted.

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During their years of tireless creative urge, Robert and Charles Ingersoll, the founders of one of the oldest American watch manufacturers, established many milestones in the field of developing pocket and wrist watches. They followed an ambitious plan that incorporated on the one hand, to offer watches to the broad public, and on the other hand to offer reasonable prices whilst maintaining real quality.

In , thanks to Henry Ford, they succeeded in developing an automated method of production, first for pocket watches and later for wrist watches. Alongside the existing handcrafted production of Ingersoll watches, an automated production of watches was established. With high quality and precision, at the very reasonable price of 1 dollar which was a days wages at the time the so-called “Dollar-Watch” was born.

The Dollar-Watch became so popular that about 1 million of these watches were produced. Even Theodore Roosevelt mentioned that during his hunting trip in Africa he was described as “the man from the country where Ingersoll was produced. The success of the “Dollar Watch” also called the “Yankee” from then on was amazing.

Ingersoll Watches

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Yet, it has a rich history that goes as far back to the s. To keep the brand alive, its ownership has been transferred to different companies throughout the years. The brand originated in the US but it has been sold continuously since its inception. Regardless, Ingersoll continues to maintain the ethos of the Ingersoll brothers while presenting a new range of quality, stylish, precision timepieces.

It did not sell watches immediately. Rather what they have are rubber stamps and other similar low-cost products. However, year old Robert Hawley Ingersoll and his brother Charles Henry recognized the need for an inexpensive watch.

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